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Go Solar and Get a New Roof at No Cost

Many new customers require a roof upgrade before installing solar panels. To simplify this process for our clients, we provide a combined Solar & No Cost Roof Package! Did you know the New England States have some of the highest electricity costs in the entire country? Given the escalating electricity costs in MA, CT, NH, and RI, the majority of our customers find themselves saving between 30%-50% on what they previously spent on electricity prior to going solar.

home with solar panel on top getting renovated

New Roof & Comprehensive Warranty

Our No Cost Roof doesn’t just cover minor repairs but it include comprehensive removal, new underlayment, and replacement and a comprehensive. warranty is provided for your peace of mind. Roxaco Solar handles roof replacement and solar projects from start to finish to ensure the process is smooth, seamless, and stress-free.

Roof top installation of solar

Enhancing Solar Efficiency with Tree Management

Some homes have obstructions from surrounding trees that can hinder the peak performance of their solar panels. When necessary, tree trimming services can also be incorporated into our service plan to ensure any obstructions from trees are eliminate to ensure your you reap maximum financial benefits from your solar panel’s energy production for your home.

How Do I Know If My Home Qualifies For A No Cost Roof with Solar Installation?

Don’t let the cost concerns of replacing your roof stop you from enjoying all the savings of going solar.

Click Below to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation assessment so we can help you determine if your home qualifies.

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